Check & Inject NY


“Check & Inject NY” will evaluate the addition of intramuscular epinephrine administration to the scope of practice of EMT’s. Participating agencies will use a standard Syringe Epinephrine Kit (SEK) to replace their epinephrine auto-injectors (EAI). Additionally, participation in the program will include a training program for all EMTs providing care at participating EMS agencies.  Training will include the recognition of anaphylaxis and how to safely draw up and administer intramuscular epinephrine to both adult and pediatric patients.

Each SEK will be a single-use, sealed plastic container assembled at a Bound Tree Medical facility, and shipped directly to participating agencies. Agencies may not assemble their own kits as part of this pilot. Two SEK’s will be required for each EMS response vehicle. Check & Inject NY will charge $75 for each vehicle to be supplied. This fee will also offset the initial expenses required to safely and consistently deploy and measure the effectiveness of this intervention, provide all training materials, shipping, and oversight of the program.

Any SEK’s administered as a part of the program will be replaced without cost unless the kit is damaged. The availability of two SEKs on an ambulance will replace the requirement for adult and pediatric EAIs. Participation in this program is voluntary and requires the approval of the WREMAC. There will be a rigorous quality improvement and safety program in place to monitor this project, including real-time physician debriefing of any administration of the SEK. The agency will need to name a representative to be their Check & Inject NY Coordinator to provide agency level administration, quality assurance, and to proctor training.

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