Dear EMS Agencies located in Wyoming or Erie County:


The Wyoming-Erie Region has been selected to participate in a Coverdell EMS Stroke Pilot to increase electronic data collection and improve stroke care. New York State Dept of Health/Health Research, Inc. are offering a reimbursement incentive for EMS agencies in the selected regions to offset the startup costs for electronic PCR (ePCR) submission and data collection. EMS agencies can participate in one of two ways:

  1. Hardware (i.e., desktop, laptop, notebooks, tablets); hardware will be used for collection and transmission of electronic PCR data to the participating region and state repository(s);
  2. Programming and/or one time connection fees by third party software vendors to be used for transmission of electronic data to the regional data repository;

The EMS Agency Reimbursement Bid Proposal may be downloaded from this notice (link below). Bid proposals will be accepted until Friday May 19, 2017.

All proposals must be sent to Martha Gohlke at AND Scott Wander, EMS Director at

If your EMS service intends to submit a bid for funding, please notify Scott Wander at by Monday, April 17th! 

Only one bid per EMS Agency will be accepted.  In addition, if applying for hardware reimbursement, proposals demonstrating the agency’s need to go electronic for the lowest cost will be reviewed more favorably.

EMS Agency Reimbursement Bid 2017


Martha Gohlke, Health Program Administrator, Bureau of EMS & Trauma Systems

Scott Wander, EMS Director, UBMD Emergency Medicine EMS Division