Over the past several years, the EMS community expressed desire for a paperless system to manage providers, certifications and regional skills.  The UBMD EMS Division listened to the EMS community and took the steps necessary to develop and implement an EMS Portal.

The UBMD EMS Portal was formally launched in Spring 2016 and services began to transition at that time.  We have promulgated information regarding the portal to our constituents in the Wyoming-Erie EMS community for over 15 months.  It has been widely communicated that agencies in the Wyoming-Erie region would demonstrate compliance with the June 30, 2017 annual WREMAC credentialing requirements using the portal.

As we approach the June 30, 2017 reporting date, agencies are reminded they must ensure EACH of its providers have completed the registration process and are associated with their agency.  Agencies will not be able to submit their annual rosters until their providers have completed the registration steps.  No paper reports will be accepted.

The UBMD EMS Portal can be found at: https://portal.ubmdems.com

Select “new user” to complete the registration process.  NOTE: make sure you check your spam folder if your information matches and the validation link you request does not appear in your inbox.



All providers (BLS & ALS) must complete the protocol update by June 30.  All information concerning this update may be found on the WREMAC Website: http://www.wremac.com/wremac-protocols.html

NOTE: Once providers have completed the required protocol update, the UBMD EMS Portal will need to reflect the “Date of Last WREMAC Protocol Exam” (found on the Provider Details page).  This field can be edited by the provider or agency contact once the tests have been completed and a copy of the certificates are on file with the agency.