Thank you all for your help and cooperation with the move from WCHOB to the new OCH. Now that the majority of kinks have been worked out I would like to reach out and confirm we are all following the same process in calling for medical control and trauma prenotification.

Please assure you are using 716-323-2110. We ask that you DO NOT utilize MERS to relay any patient information. This is being done for a couple of reasons. First it creates a third party which is not a direct relay of pertinent info. Secondly should the doctor or staff at OCH have further questions it negates any possibility of obtaining vital information from the provider actually caring for the patient. Lastly it is inclusive in the WREMAC application to omit a third party relay. It is listed as John R Oishei Children’s Hospital.

Thank you all for your time should you have any questions please do not hesitate to get a hold of me.
Stay Safe!

Jeff Abbott
Trauma Injury & Prevention Coordinator
Oishei Children’s Hospital
(C) 716-909-6838
(O) 716-323-2624