October 3, 2017

To EMS Providers in WNY:

We understand that there has been confusion around care of adult patients at WCHOB. We do provide adult emergent obstetric services.

In May, we streamlined our triage of obstetric patients who present to our ED. We now fast track these patients to our Labor and Delivery Unit where they are quickly seen by an attending OB/GYN. Adult subspecialty and critical care services are available 24 x 7 to all patients at WCHOB.

We are evaluating and treating non-obstetric issues in the GVI ED. The GVI/ED has 24 x 7 attending OB/GYN coverage. As a regional perinatal center for the 8 counties of WNY, we are committed to providing the highest level care to the pregnant patients in our region. The full resources of WCHOB, soon to be OCH, and BGMC/GVI are available 24 x 7 to all patients within our community.

Thank you,

Stephen Turkovich, MD
Chief Medical Officer
219 Bryant Street, Buffalo, NY 14222
T: 716.878.7551