As many of you are aware, the Erie County Medical Center was attacked by a computer virus on April 8th. This resulted in complete loss of email and all computer access. While the UB|MD EMS Division is not an ECMC entity, our office is physically located in the hospital and we utilize ECMC’s IT services.

Please be sure you have the correct email contact for the Division’s administrative staff:

Scott Wander, EMS Director:

Michael Krupski, Program Evaluator:

Karen Broderick, Project Assistant:

Phone: (716) 898-3600

EMS Division staff previously used email addresses with an ecmc extension. Please discontinue use of this email and only utilize the addresses provided above.

There was a period of time over the past 2 weeks when we did not receive ANY email (even that which was sent to the Buffalo addresses above). If you sent an email on or after April 8th and did not receive a reply from us, we did not receive it. You will need to resend the email, as anything sent during the outage can not be recovered.

If you have any questions, please contact us at (716) 898-3600.