Patient Care Reports

Electronic PCRs (ePCRs)

Services considering a move to electronic prehospital care reports (ePCRs) need to spend time researching products, talking with other services using ePCRs, and considering their own goals/objectives for a move to an electronic platform.  The process for moving to electronic records should be methodical and unhurried.  The investment is large.  The learning curve is substantial, even for computer-savvy individuals.  Data is a powerful tool, but too much data or a deploying a system with a burdensome user interface will not give you meaningful data and will likely discourage providers from taking calls. To assist agencies with the process of moving toward ePCRs, please review all of the following resources and contact the Division of EMS with questions.

Deciding on ePCR Software: A Checklist for EMS Agencies
NYS Bureau of EMS Electronic Data Submission Web page
ePCR Approval Application
List of ePCR-Approved Agencies

Paper PCRs

If you utilize paper PCRs, you can either go here to download blank PCRs from the Department of Health or fill out the form below:

Need to order PCRs? Please fill out this form.