We continue to see significant progress with enrollment into the UBMD EMS Portal.  We appreciate the diligence shown toward meeting the June 30th deadline.  Let’s keep pushing forward toward full compliance!  Only 2 days left!!!!!

A number of questions have been presented to the EMS Division pertaining to credentialing and the collaborative protocols.  We would like to share 3 common questions and each associated answer:

Q: What happens if a provider does not validate their account in the EMS Portal?

A: All NYS Certified Providers (CFR – Paramedic) must validate their account in the EMS Portal to allow their EMS service to submit a complete report to the WREMAC.  Reports are due by June 30th so it is imperative providers validate their accounts prior to this date.  Non-compliant agencies/providers are considered non-compliant with the credentialing requirements and, therefore, considered off-line – effective July 1.  Let’s work together to avoid this situation!

Q: If a provider belongs to more than one EMS agency, which EMS service maintains a copy of their protocol update certificates?

A: EACH EMS service must maintain a copy of the completion certificate in the provider file.  However, it is the provider’s responsibility to furnish a printed copy of the certificates to each agency officer.

Q: If a provider has not completed all of the protocol test elements before July 1, what happens?

A: The region is migrating to the new collaborative protocols, effective July 1.  The region will not operate under 2 sets of protocols.  Therefore, any provider who has not completed (and passed) the required tests will be off-line until such time as he/she has completed (and passed) all tests.  The UBMD EMS Division should be notified after July 1 of any provider who has not completed the tests so the portal can be noted accordingly.  We will also be auditing this information on behalf of the WREMAC.