Regional Credentialing

Provider credentialing is a part of the delegated medical authority of the Western Regional Emergency Medical Advisory Committee (WREMAC) and only providers who are authorized by the WREMAC may provide care.  The regional credentialing program establishes minimum criteria by which each provider, operating under the authority of the Western Regional Emergency Medical Advisory Committee (WREMAC), is proficient with performing skills/procedures for their requested privilege level.  Providers or agencies that do not comply with the region privilege program do not have authority to provide any EMS. At no time may a provider have privileges that exceed their level of NYS certification.

Annual Validation of Proficiency

Proficiency in each skill must occur at least one time, annually, between July 1 and June 30th of the following year.  Validation of skill proficiency must be documented in the provider’s agency file, reported to the EMS Program Agency, and may be achieved through any one of the methods, as follows:

  1. Successfully demonstrate the skill in the presence of a WREMAC Skill Preceptor, Medical Director (or designee) during simulation; or
  2. Medical Director approved documentation of successful performance of the skill during patient care; or
  3. Attend Medical Director (or designee) approved training on the skill.

EMS agencies must report compliance with the regional credentialing program to their respective EMS Program Agency by July 1.  UB|MD – Division of EMS is the Program Agency for all services in Erie and Wyoming Counties.  The list of EMS Program Agencies outside of the Wyoming-Erie region may be found in the policy document below.

Credentialing Resources

Several credentialing resources are available and all providers and agency leaders are responsible for reading and understanding this program.

WREMAC Policy #2013-1:
Provider Privileges and Continuing Medical Education

WREMAC Approved Skill Preceptors

WREMAC Provider Privilege Application