On behalf of the WREMAC, the UBMD EMS Division continues to remind everyone in the Wyoming-Erie region of the June 30th deadline to complete 2 very important items necessary to maintain “on-line status” within the region.

  1. All providers must complete and pass the Collaborative Protocol Roll-out available on the Cypherworx Learning Management System.  Agencies must validate each provider’s completion of all required modules by collecting and filing the certificates from each provider.  Group testing is not permitted.  Providers who have not completed all training by June 30 must be taken off-line and will not be authorized to provide patient care in the region.  There are no grace periods, exemptions or extensions.  Information pertaining to the Collaborative Protocols are found here: http://www.wremac.com/wremac-protocols.html
  2. All providers must complete the registration process in the UBMD EMS Portal.  The 2017 credentialing information will be reported to the WREMAC via the EMS Portal.  Once providers have completed the registration process, each service will validate credentials and skills within the portal and submit their list via the portal.  As previously announced, no paper reports will be accepted this year.  Again, there is no grace period, exemption or extension available.

We appreciate there are 2 major tasks that must be completed before June 30th.  It is imperative to understand that both items must be entirely complete prior to June 30, 2017 to maintain patient-care privileges in the region.  Any provider or service that has not entirely completed both items by June 30th will be considered “off-line” and will not be authorized to provide patient care in the region.

It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure compliance and we ask you widely share this information.  We remain available to address any questions you have concerning the Collaborative Protocol and EMS Portal roll-outs.