The WREMAC previously circulated the required fluids and medications for AEMT and ALS services, effective July 1.  We have encountered questions we feel would be beneficial to share with the EMS community.

Q: Where can I find the list of required fluids and medications?

A: It can be found on the WREMAC Website:   The direct link to the document is:

Q: Can we keep our current supply of medications until they are used or expired and then transition to the new medication list?

A: Medications that are no longer in the protocol/formulary must be removed from service, effective July 1.  Only medications found in the formulary may be used.  Medications not found in the formulary have no protocol under which providers may administer the fluid/medication.

Q: How much of each fluid/medication do we need to keep on our service vehicles?

A: The WREMAC document clearly depicts the quantities which must be maintained on each service vehicle.  Agencies need to have available for use all fluids/medications as described in the document – effective July 1 (unless there is a shortage and the fluid/medication is not available).