The notice below pertains to services in the Wyoming-Erie region.

A necessary system-wide change was made in the UBMD EMS Portal this afternoon that will be visible to any service previously approved for either “Epi-Pen Administration” or “Check-and-Inject”. The EMS Portal no longer differentiates between Epi Auto-Injectors or Syringe Epinephrine as separate approvals. Instead, a new approval category was implemented to encompass both methods of administering Epinephrine: “BLS Epinephrine Administration”.

When you log-in to the portal, you will no longer see the previous approval classifications. This seamless change will neither affect provider status (i.e. “on-line”, “off-line”, etc.) nor skills previously entered into the portal.

If you are an agency contact in the portal and your service was previously approved for Epi Auto-Injectors or Check-and-Inject, you will be receiving a notification stating your service is now approved for BLS Epinephrine Administration. This is an automated notification and no action is required.

We hope this notice helps to explain, in advance, the reason for the automated notification.

Should you have any questions regarding this change, please contact the UBMD EMS Division at (716) 898-3600.