Dear EMS Community:

We want to thank everyone who registered in the UBMD EMS Portal – especially the leaders in each EMS agency who had the thankless job of transitioning their providers into the portal.

The 16-month effort thus far has involved provider training, as well as entering, updating, and validating data in the portal – admittedly, a task that could be perceived as “just another mandate” with no purposeful outcome. However, this was a necessary (and major) first step toward bigger and better things.

In the coming days, the portal will begin to send notices advising you of expiration dates that are approaching (or have passed), changes in regional status/privileges, as well as many other pertinent items. Notifications will help ensure current information is in the portal, providers and agencies are aware of status changes in real time, and, most importantly, minimize potential oversights that could lead to an expired certification and loss of regional privileges.

Notifications from the portal will be activated this Sunday evening, August 20th. You have the ability to customize your preference settings to ensure these notices are helpful and not a nuisance.

We have painstakingly considered the best time to implement this change to minimize provider frustration. We are now 7 weeks past the June 30th reporting deadline, so some of the data in the portal is already outdated or was missing from the information entered prior to June 30th. As such, you may receive a notification from the portal that will require you to take further action to resolve the issue. Please be sure to take appropriate action if you do receive a notification.

We thank you in advance for your patience. We are confident you will find this new feature to be beneficial.

As always, please do not hesitate to call or e-mail with questions.


The UBMD Emergency Medicine EMS Division
(716) 898-3600