Our EMS system has exceptional people who make a difference each and every day.  The Wyoming-Erie Regional EMS Council is dedicated to recognizing individuals and agencies that make positive contributions.

The deadline for the Wyoming-Erie Regional EMS Council to submit nominations for the 2017 awards to NYS for consideration is rapidly approaching.  Don’t miss an opportunity to give recognition to someone who deserves it!!

Below, please find a list of categories for which an individual or agency receives a regional award and subsequent nomination for the NYS award.  Please consider submitting names throughout the year so no good deed goes unnoticed!

Nominations should be e-mailed to the Wyoming-Erie Regional EMS Council, care of Greg Gill, at: shockemx3@aol.com  Please be sure to include information as follows:

  1. Name of individual/agency being nominated (must be in Erie or Wyoming County)
  2. Reason for nomination
  3. Description of contribution/impact to EMS
  4. Name and contact e-mail/phone for person submitting the nomination

Award categories are as follows:

  • Basic Life Support Provider of the Year

           Eligibility:  NYS certified CFR or EMT-B

  • Advanced Life Support Provider of the Year

           Eligibility:  NYS certified EMT-I, EMT-CC, EMT-P.

  • EMS Agency of the Year

           Eligibility:  NYS EMS agency that includes, but is not limited to, an ambulance service, ALSFR or BLSFR participating in their local EMS System.

  • Youth Provider of the Year

           Eligibility:  NYS certified CFR or First Aid certified and affiliated with a first response agency (fire, EMS, police).

  • Harriet C. Weber EMS Leadership Award

           Eligibility:  EMS Agency leader; local, county, regional, state EMS leader; medical/nursing/or career EMS leader.

  • EMS Educator of Excellence

           Eligibility:  EMS educator or equivalent.

  • EMS Communications Specialist of the Year

           Eligibility:  Employee or volunteer with an organized dispatch center in New York State.

  • Registered Nurse of Excellence

           Eligibility:  NYS licensed registered nurse serving the EMS System.

  • Physician of Excellence

           Eligibility:  NYS licensed physician serving an EMS system

  • Excellence in EMS Quality and Safety

           Eligibility:  Applicant is a NYS based EMS service or individual provider.