EMS Infectious Diseases and Recent Measles Outbreak

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Rockland County has recently experienced a measles outbreak with 7 confirmed cases and several more in the process of being tested. With this in mind, the Bureau is forwarding the attached resource for your local ambulance services and ALSFRs that could help with planning for EMS response to infectious disease patients including but not limited to measles and even flu.

Download ASPR EMS Infectious Disease Playbook June 2017

Daniel J. Clayton, B.S., EMT-P
Deputy Director for Operations and Emergency Preparedness
Bureau of Emergency Medical Services and Trauma Systems
Office of Primary Care and Health Systems Management

New York State Department of Health
875 Central Avenue
Albany, NY 12206

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REMINDER: Only 10 Days Left to Submit WREMAC Credentialing Reports

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As a reminder, the WREMAC credentialing reporting period closes June 30. Agency EMS leaders should plan to log in to the UBMD EMS Portal to validate their membership, expiration dates and submit all WREMAC skills performed since last July 1. Those who are designated as an agency contact will see a button at the bottom of the membership summary report page entitled “Submit Report to EMS Division”. This button will remain active through June 30th (the WREMAC due date). Please ensure all information is accurate before submitting your reports.

As a friendly reminder, the WREMAC does not offer grace periods so it is important for this information to be submitted as soon as possible AND before July 1. As always, if we can help provide guidance, please do not hesitate to call.

A number of services have already submitted. We thank you for your diligence!

Thank you!

The UBMD EMS Division