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ECC Paramedic Program Applications

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Greetings Everyone,

Attached is the information and registration link for the upcoming Paramedic Original Course that is being put on by Erie Community College. For information on what to do and prerequisites involved. If you find you are interested and qualify for consideration, please use the registration link below that. Any questions, please reach out to ECC. Thanks

Learning the language of our biggest fans: Autism awareness for EMS

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Greetings Everyone,

North Country is hosting an Autism class via Zoom for those that might be interested. Not only do I know the instructor who is a good Paramedic and CIC, but he is also the parent of a child with Autism. If there is anyone that has experience it is him. Please sign up if you are free on February 12th, 2024 @ 1800hrs

Critical Care Sunset | Public Comment Opportunity

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From the State:

The NYS DOH Bureau of EMS and Trauma Systems along with the State EMS Council (SEMSCO) Training and Education Committee are moving forward with the sunset of the NYS EMT-Critical Care (EMT-CC).  This process started at the SEMSCO in 2017.

Less than one certification cycle and only 3 years away, we’ll reach the 10-year mark from the beginning of that process in 2027. As we approach this 10-year mark we are working on steps to complete what the Education and Training Technical Advisory Group (TAG) put together and are seeking your feedback to take additional steps towards the sunset of the EMT-CC

We are asking for feedback from the field so we can take into account all perspectives. Please find the survey by clicking the following link:

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.

If I could also ask you the favor of forwarding the email to any colleagues in our field, it would be greatly appreciated.

Drew Chesney

Unit Chief, Education and Certification


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From the State

New York State EMS Agency Leaders, County EMS Coordinators and Program Agency Directors,

***County EMS Coordinators and Program Agency Directors, Please Share Widely Within Your Counties / Regions***

Due to a Multi-Hazard Weather Event in Erie County, the Emergency Preparedness and Response (EPR) Section of the Bureau of EMS is conducting a survey to determine the availability of EMS agencies, with preference for Advanced Life Support level (EMT-CC/Paramedic), able to respond to a request for emergency assistance under the State Mobilization Plan. Agencies assigned to respond to this event will be contracted by New York State. These resources will be utilized to assist at several shelter locations throughout the region.

Please consider the following when responding to the survey.

Funding for this deployment is as follows:

    • ALS Unit $2340/unit per day, Admin Fee $234/unit per day
    • BLS Unit $2100/unit per day, Admin Fee $210/unit per day
    • $37/hr. restricted hours (non-assignment/ on-call status) x 12 hours per day
    • GSA MI&E $69/day per person. Lodging (double occupancy)- $117
    • Mileage will be paid at the GSA rate of $0.67/mile from EMS Agency HQ to deployment location

The concept of operations is as follows:

    • 12 hour operational periods (0700-1900 and 1900-0700)
    • Staging/Deployment location is TBD
    • All agencies will be covered by their own insurance
    • Duration will be up to 3 days or more depending on call volume and volunteer participation

Please use the link below to complete the survey. NOTE: This survey be polled, beginning at 1730 hours on January 13th 2023. This survey will remain open and continue to be evaluated through the weekend on an as-needed basis.

PLEASE DO NOT DEPLOY. Agencies will be contacted by the Bureau of EMS if selected for deployment.


Thank you for your time and consideration.


Stephen M. Brucato, BS, EMT-P

District Chief | Emergency Preparedness and Response Branch

Bureau of Emergency Medical Services and Trauma Systems


NYS Register – Proposed Changes to Part 800 (Education)

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Greetings Everyone,

While the State DOH attempted to get the proposed changes to the Education Regs changed under an Emergency request, it was decided by the legislators to not move forward under the Emergency regulatory process. However, they still have posted the proposed changes under the normal channels. So, with that said, they proposed changes to the “education” regulations have been posted for the comment period. Please take a moment to look them over. I encourage everyone to send it your comments regarding them, especially if they are positive. Most of us generally don’t send it comments when they tend to agree with the changes, but ALL comments are welcome and encouraged. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

Please note the NYS Register released proposed changes to Part 800.  Most relate to aligning with national educational standards, certification cycles (most notably moving to 4 year cycle, etc.)  They begin on PDF page 16 –

A much more granular (and easier to understand the exact working and impact of) the proposed changes are available at:

Comments should be addressed to: Katherine Ceroalo, DOH, Bureau of program Counsel, Regulatory Affairs Unit  Email: by Feb 5, 2024.

FINAL NEMSIS 3.4.0 Documentation Standard Update | Schematron and Facility List Updates

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Greetings Everyone,

See the message below from the State Data and Informatics:

The NYS 3.4.0 Documentation Standard, implemented today, has been updated to include the changes listed below.  The optional changes in validation rules are designed to ease some documentation pain points as requested by EMS providers.  The facility codes are required changes to ensure smooth transmission of ePCRs to the sending and receiving facilities listed below.

Rule 1396 (eVitals.01) ~ rule deactivation
Rule 1387 (eTimes.08) ~ change from failure to warning
Rule 1388 (eTimes.08) ~ change from failure to warning
Rule 1592 (eInjury.03) ~ change from failure to warning
Rule 2181 (eTimes.09) ~ change from failure to warning
Rule 2182 (eTimes.11) ~ change from failure to warning
Rule 2183 (eTimes.12) ~ change from failure to warning

The following are the updates to the facility codes to be implemented as follows:

Wynn Hospital (H15478) ~ add to eScene.10 and eDisposition.02 ~ MidState Region
Barnes Center – Health (M00002) ~ add to eScene.10 and eDisposition.02 ~ Central New York Region
Maimonides Bay Ridge (Freestanding) Emergency Department (M00094) ~ add to eScene.10 and eDisposition.02 ~ New York City Region
The Guthrie Clinic | Corning Hospital (H00866) ~ address was changed ~ Southern Tier Region
Binghamton University | Decker Student Health Services Center (M00003) ~ add to eScene.10 and eDisposition.02 ~ Susquehanna Region

An update document is being sent to the Regional Program Agencies for additional distribution to the EMS agencies that will allow for ease in understanding the changes.

The NEMSIS 3.5.0 Documentation Standard and Schematron release has been delayed until Friday of this week to avoid any confusion associated with the final changes in 3.4.0.  We apologize for any delay and inconvenience.

ImageTrend clients who contract directly should contact ImageTrend Support with any questions; all others may email with any questions or concerns.


Peter L. Brodie, AEMT, BS

Branch Chief, Data and Informatics Unit

Bureau of Emergency Medical Services and Trauma Systems

Lockport Memorial Hospital Medical Direction

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Greetings Everyone,

A message from Catholic Health regarding the new Lockport Memorial Hospital:

Please see the attached flyer from the Catholic Health System for the new Lockport Memorial Hospital Medical Direction that is scheduled to open at 0800 on Tuesday October 10th, 2023.
Should you have any questions please reach out to a member of the EMS Liaison team.

Rob Orlowski –

Emily James –