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Rochester Regional Health Emergency Medical Services Conference

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Greetings Everyone,

From our partners to the east of us:

Please see the attached flyer for the upcoming EMS Conference hosted by Rochester Regional Health.

Thursday, September 8, 2022


Wegmans Center for Workforce Development

1630 Portland Avenue

Rochester, NY 14621

Description:  This conference is eligible for CME credit hours.  Educational topics include: What is ECMO and when is it used, how to diagnose and treat environmental emergencies, de-escalation techniques and personal safety, evaluation of musculoskeletal injuries in the field, the impact of street drugs and management of overdoses and how to deal with refusals of care.  Lunch and refreshments will be provided.

Registration is required by September 1st, see attached flyer for details.

BEMSATS DI Unit : EMS Data Aide Position Posted

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Greetings Everyone,

A job opportunity from the State

The Data and Informatics Unit is pleased to announce the posting of the EMS Data Aide position through funding from the EMS for Children grant.  Please share this posting in your circles and encourage any candidates who meet the criteria to submit for consideration for the role.  The role is full time funded and has an amazing opportunity to help develop data to exceed the expectations of the EMS system and focus on pediatric care in New York.

Any questions about the position may be sent to me directly.

Stay safe and well!


Peter L. Brodie, BS, AEMT

Deputy Chief, Data and Informatics Unit

EMS Data Manager

Bureau of Emergency Medical Services and Trauma System


Website update

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Greetings Everyone,

I wanted to bring your attention to some recent updates to the website. The following are the updates that were recently made and we encourage you to check them out.

  1. On the top bar “Pick a Topic” we added a link that allows you to check the status of all the ED’s in NYS. This will allow you to see if a particular hospital is on diversion or not.
  2. In the “Officer Resources” tab, we added a new bubble for all the currently used “Portal” links available at the State level. This allows you to click on the link provided and complete the form for thinks like, duplicate card requests, ADA accommodations for testing, CME recertification, etc.
  3. We also went through and updated all the addresses and phone numbers related to the move that recently occurred. None of the forms have been updated recently so please be patient as that may take some time.

We will continue to strive to make updates in order to keep everyone informed and to make documentation easier for agency and providers going forward.


NYS EMS Monkey Pox | ePCR Documentation Update

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Greetings Everyone,

Attached is a message from the Bureau:

On Thursday July 28, 2022, New York State Commissioner of Health Dr. Mary T. Bassett declared monkeypox as an Imminent Threat to Public Health in New York State . With this declaration, NYS BEMS DI has activated the monkeypox ICD-10 value of B04 for Primary Impression (eSituation.11), Secondary Impression (eSituation.12), and Medical/Surgical History (eHistory.08) in order to allow EMS providers to document encounters with patients who have confirmed or suspected monkeypox. All providers should use this code when transporting a patient with reported or suspected Monkey Pox and the wearing of PPE on this response through the fields on eOther.03, eOther.04, eOther.05 and eOther.06.

NYS is urging all ePCR Software Vendors and Agencies to activate this ICD-10 value in their ePCR systems in order to allow for accurate documentation of these encounters and notifying their EMS agency clients of the proper procedure to complete the documentation.

If you have any questions on this please reach out to and a member of the DI team will reply back to you.

Thank you!

Peter L. Brodie, BS, AEMT
Deputy Chief, Data and Informatics Unit
EMS Data Manager
Bureau of Emergency Medical Services and Trauma Systems

EMS Innovation Awards

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Greetings Everyone,

From the State DOH:

Dear Colleagues:

I have received some emails about the link for the Innovation Awards.  I am enclosing another link which seems to be working better.  I know the deadline has passed, but I am extending the deadline to August 15, 2022.  Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

New York State EMS Innovation Awards

Progressive ideas and forwarding thinking agencies have inspired change that has created system sustainability, recruitment, retention, alternative education models and so much more.  EMS Agencies, REMSCOs, REMACs, Program Agencies and Course Sponsors over the past year have been implementing innovation throughout New York State achieving positive results and advancing the field of Emergency Medical Services. If you are an agency or know an agency that has solved a problem/gap using innovation, consider self-nomination or nomination of an agency to be one of the EMS Innovation Award recipients.

Innovation Award Categories:

  1. Organizational Change Innovations: Innovations in system designs, agency sustainability, and facilitating organizational change.
  2. Clinical Delivery Innovations: Innovations in clinical practices that are leading to positive patient outcomes and/or positive patient experiences.
  3. Recruitment and Retention Innovations: Innovations in recruitment, onboarding, longevity, staff experience and/or staff satisfaction leading to gaining and retaining staff.
  4. Educational Innovations: Innovations in education delivery models, student experience and/or community involvement.

Valerie Ozga

EMS Conference Coordinator

NYS EMS Conference Vital Signs

New Office Location

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Good Morning Everyone,

Yesterday we officially moved our office location from ECMC to the UB Gateway Complex which is where our corporate offices are located. I wanted to update everyone and provide all of you with our new address and contact information. If you need to mail anything you should now send it to:

UB Emergency Medicine EMS

77 Goodell St. Suite 420

Buffalo, NY. 14203

If you need to contact us via phone or send something via fax that would be:

716-829-5500 (Office)

716-645-9701 (Fax)

Please make note of this. All mobile device numbers and emails remain unchanged.


East Shelby EMT Course

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Attached is a flyer regarding an EMT Course being held at the East Shelby Fire company. If interested please reach out to Sue.