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EMS For Children Survey Begins Today

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Greeting everyone! Just want everyone to know the EMS for Children Survey opens today.  Please take a few minutes and complete the survey. Participation in this important endeavor helps us advance forward and provide better training and care!

Good Afternoon!

The EMS for Children Program collects an annual survey of EMS agencies across the United States with support from the individual EMSC State Partnerships. I am asking for your help sharing this important nationwide quality improvement effort regarding care of pediatric patients with EMS agencies in your area. In order for us to best support EMS agencies, we are asking EMS agency leaders to complete a brief questionnaire so that we can learn more about EMS efforts to be prepared to care for ill or injured children. This survey is for EMS agencies that provide 911 response to EMS calls for service.

The questionnaire should only take 5-10 minutes to complete. To access the survey click on the link below:

Agencies will need to select “NY” as the state then the appropriate county from the drop-down menus, and then select the agency.

In past years, the responses from this survey have helped identify needs and provide resources for improving pediatric emergency care at the local and national level. To continue building on this momentum, we are relying on administrators from all EMS agencies to respond to this questionnaire. These responses will be used by the New York EMSC Program for quality improvement efforts in our assisting NYS EMS agencies and providers. De-identified data from agencies across the country will also be combined to review progress and provide support for integrating the needs of children into our overall emergency care systems.

The questionnaire is conducted via a secure web-based system and participation is voluntary, but greatly appreciated. A downloadable/printable PDF version is available on the website through the link above if you wish to review the questionnaire before completing it online.

I would like to thank you in advance for your assistance with this project. I know how busy you are, and greatly appreciate you taking the time to assist us with this valuable information! Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions about this project.



Amy Eisenhauer
EMS for Children Program Coordinator
EMS Liaison to Coverdell Stroke Program
Bureau of Emergency Medical Services and Trauma Systems

Need health directors for NYSDEC 2023 Summer Camp program

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Greetings All,

See the following message from the DEC:

Good Morning,

Do you know an EMT, physician, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, registered nurse, or licensed practical nurse who may be interested in being a health director summer 2023 at one of New York State Department of Environmental Conservation’s (DEC’s) summer camps and meets minimum qualifications (see attached position description and flyer)? Do you have an employment page that we can link to

Now in its 76th year, the DEC summer camps program offers week-long adventures in conservation education for children ages 11-17. DEC operates four residential camps for children: Camp Colby in Saranac Lake (Franklin County); Camp DeBruce in Livingston Manor (Sullivan County); Camp Rushford in Caneadea (Allegany County), and Pack Forest in Warrensburg (Warren County).

Interested candidates need to submit:

  • Cover letter
  • Resume
  • Unofficial transcripts

Thank you for your assistance and let me know if you have any questions.



Tom Shimalla

Environmental Educator 3, Bureau of Environmental Education

Division of Operation

NYS EMS Statewide Mobilization Survey for Response to Erie County – Agency Leaders Only

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Greetings Agency Leaders,

Please review the following message. If interested please follow the link at the Bottom:

NYS Ambulance Agency Leaders,

In the wake of the record breaking snowfall event in Erie County, the Emergency Preparedness and Response (EPR) Section of the Bureau of EMS is conducting a survey to determine the availability of EMS agencies able to respond to a request for emergency assistance under the State Mobilization Plan. Agencies assigned to respond to this event will be contracted with Erie County, NY and NOT New York State.

Please respond to this survey ASAP. Results will be polled at 1400 hrs. on December 25th and the survey will close at 1800 hrs. on December 26th. 

Please consider the following when responding to the survey.


  1. Funding for this deployment is as follows:
    • BLS Unit $1,000/unit per day
    • ALS Unit $1,200/unit per day
  2. The concept of operations is as follows:
    • 12 hour operational periods (0700-1900 and 1900-0700)
    • Accommodations including shelter & food will be available at the deployed location
    • Staging/Deployment location is TBD
    • All agencies will be covered by their own insurance
    • Duration will be up to 7 days or more depending on call volume and volunteer participation


Donald Trzepacz Jr.

District Chief / Investigator

Emergency Preparedness and Response

Christmas Winter Weather Event

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Greetings Everyone,

First, I wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a Happy Holidays despite much of what we are going to be dealing with. Im fairly confident that we are all familiar with the fact that Elliott has made its arrival this morning. Both Mike and I will be monitoring much of the information that being put out regarding this storm and will do our best to share what we can either through email or Facebook.

We do urge that everyone avoid travel if you do not need to travel. While this event is only beginning, it is expected to get worse starting tonight. Many of the jurisdictions are beginning to implement travel bans, so please check before traveling in your area. Agency Leaders, work with your neighboring fire companies and EMS agencies when responding to calls. Consider prior to transporting calling your local hospital and alerting them to your pending arrival. Drive slow and safe. Ensure that your vehicle remain as full with gas as you can and make sure to keep extra blankets and consider carrying some quick food items just in case.

If you plan to assist your volunteer agencies, you also should consider bringing an extra set of clothing and important medication with you just in case you can not get back home. As we could go on and on, I just wanted to make sure that everyone knew we want you to be safe and secure during this storm.

Thank you all for what you do.

Firefighter Health and Safety

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Greetings Everyone,

Dr Poreda will be teaching his Firefighter Health and Safety Course at the Erie County Fire Training Center On Feb 8th, 2023. This does have a CME opportunity for individuals so if interested please check out the flyer and you must use the link to register. All participants must register in advance.

Substance Abuse Disorder and Mental Health Training

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Greetings Everyone.

Attached is a CE opportunity coming up in Feb hosted at the Lancaster Volunteer Fire Company. If interested please check out the flyer and register using the attached link. All participants must register in advance.

Associate EMS Director

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Greetings Everyone,

I wanted to take a moment and let everyone know that over the last several months we have been looking at candidates to fill the new role of Associate EMS Director here at UB Emergency Medicine. I am pleased to announce that we have selected Mike Shaw to fill this role.

Mike started his career in Emergency Medical Services in 1995 gaining his first certification as a Certified First Responder.  Mike then managed to obtain additional certification in 2000 as an EMT and his AEMT-I in 2002. In 2013, Mike obtained his paramedic certification from the Erie Community College. Over the last 7 years, Mike has worked as the Chief Operating Officer for Gowanda Ambulance in Southern Erie County, which has given him vast experience in operating an EMS Agency. Mike is currently a member of the Holland Fire Department, and until recently was a member of the Wyoming/Erie REMSCO, and he currently resides in Chaffee with his wife 15 years. Mike continues to work towards his Bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Management, and we look forward to having him on board. Please welcome Mike to UB Emergency Medicine.

Mike’s first day will be Monday, December 5th, 2022 as we will be attending the State Meeting. Please take a moment to welcome Mike to the UBMD family.

NYSDOH Ambulance Inspections

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Greetings Everyone,

Our partners to the south of us at STEMS have provided sound advice when it comes to Ambulance Inspections. If you are scheduled for an inspection please refer to the following information, or give us a call.

NYSDOH Ambulance Inspections Prep

We want to ensure the success of all agencies in the region when it comes to NYSDOH Ambulance Inspections. Each agency should ensure they meet all requirements in Part 800 and the BEMS policies in preparation for their visit from the state.

The following items often are cause for a statement of deficiencies:

• expired medication (BLS and ALS)
• unsecured equipment – BLS Meds that are not locked or have expired
• policies not in place that are required in Part 800.21 (P) 1-15.
• expired disposable medical equipment
• O² cylinders being out of date
• medications not being kept at proper temperatures
• dirt and grime
• unsanitary patient compartment areas and equipment
• lacking infant and child manual B/P cuffs
• ripped or torn splints

BEMS policies and forms

• Part 800
• 10-03 EMS Agency and Vehicle Surveillance and Inspections
• 09-12 Storage and Integrity of Prehospital Medications and Intravenous Fluids
• 09-11 Storage and Safe Guarding of Medications Administered by EMT-Bs
• DOH-2695: Inspection Report for Certified Ambulance Vehicles
• DOH-3780: Inspection Report for Emergency Ambulance Service Vehicles

Resources for your agency

• Ambulance Inspection Guide
• 800.21 General Requirements Checklist

We hope these documents are helpful, and if you have any issues or questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.

DACF/BEMS Training – Adult Care Facility Regulations [REGISTRATION REQUIRED] Tuesday December 13, 2022 13:00-14:00 hours

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Greetings Everyone,

The following is a CME opportunity:

Please join the Division of Adult Care Facility and Assisted Living Surveillance and the Bureau of EMS and Trauma Systems in a webinar to clarify the different adult care facility settings. This webinar is the second in a series to educate new providers about the nuances of the adult care facility landscape. The webinar will be recorded and posted to the Health Commerce System for future reference.

Registration is required, so please register at:

Tuesday, Dec 13 2022 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM
(UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)

BEMS will offer CME credits for completion, a few days after the program you will receive an email to complete the CME process through Vital Signs Academy.

If you have any questions, please outreach the applicable Bureau of EMS and Trauma Systems Branch office.

Thank you.

Edward L. Mager
Branch Chief/Investigator
New York State Department of Health
Bureau of EMS and Trauma Systems