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Executive Order

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As I have been asked by several people, I am including the Executive order that was signed. I am cautioning everyone again, direction needs to come from the State DOH BEMS on how this is going to impact us as EMS providers. I anticipate that direction in the near future, but we have not received anything yet.

Recent Executive Order

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Greetings Fellow Providers,

I wanted to take a moment and send out this message regarding the recently signed executive order by Gov. Hochul. Some of you may have decided to “read ahead” and evaluate the impact of the EO in relation to EMS. Since this order was signed early Tuesday morning I am sure the State DOH BEMS has been busy formulating a plan of action to communicate implementation of items related to EMS in the EO. Unfortunately, when we find ourselves in a holding pattern like this, we tend to see and increase in rumors, speculation, and sometimes misinformation as a result. I urge everyone to be patient as I am confident that in the very near future we will receive guidance from the Bureau on the EO and its impact to EMS.

As always, if you have any questions you are welcome to contact this office and speak with us, however I can say that we do not have any information to provide regarding this matter as of yet. As soon as we are provided with the necessary information, we will ensure to get that out to providers as promptly as we can.

Stay safe

TECC at Twin District

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Twin District is hosting a TECC course on October 23rd and 24th, 2021. This is a two day event and both days must be attended. Please refer to flyer for more details.

21st Annual North Country EMS Spring Fling Call for Speakers

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From our friends up in North Country:


We are currently seeking submissions for lectures, workshops, keynotes, and full-day/multiple-day courses for the North Country EMS 21st Annual Spring Fling Conference, which will be held at the Edgewood Resort and Conference Center in Alexandria Bay, NY.

We are looking for submissions for the following:

April 28th and 29th: full-day, half-day, and evening pre-conference programs/courses/workshops

April 30th: Full-day ALS track and BLS track with 60- to 90-minute lectures

All topics and formats related to clinical, operations, leadership, and education will be considered. The deadline for submission is COB on November 29, 2021.

Submissions will be accepted by completing this survey

We take pride in giving our presenters a great experience. We pay honorariums and provide travel/lodging. All presenters are welcome at conference events, meals, etc. Please be sure to include honorarium expectations.

If you have any questions, please contact Ann Smith, FDRHPO North Country EMS Program Agency Director at

Ann Smith, Director
FDRHPO North Country EMS Program Agency
120 Washington Street, Suite 230
Watertown, NY 13601
Office 315-755-2020 ext. 56
Fax 315-755-2022
Cell 315-454-2606

Sept 2021 EMS Mobilization

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EMS Agency Leaders,

Please take a few minutes to answer the survey link below. The survey is for the purpose of polling the EMS agencies across NYS to determine which agencies may be interested in entering into a contract for service with the NYS DOH BEMSATS. Even if your agency is not interested in entering into a contract we ask that you please answer the survey. We ask that you respond by 6pm on 09/23/2021 as current mission assignments begin on 10/1/2021.

Sept 2021 EMS Mobilization Contract Polling Survey | Survey Builder (

Thank you in advance.

Donald Trzepacz Jr.

District Chief / Investigator

Emergency Preparedness and Response

State Council Awards Extension

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We have decided to extend our deadline for the EMS Council Awards to October 1, 2021  I am attaching the link for you to distribute to our agencies and colleagues.

In addition, 2 years ago, we also created the NYS EMS Innovation Awards.  The description is below and the link to submit is also attached.  We are also extending the deadline for the Innovation Awards to October 8, 2021.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Thank You!

NYS EMS Council Awards

New York State EMS Innovation Awards

Progressive ideas and forwarding thinking agencies have inspired change that has created system sustainability, recruitment, retention, alternative education models and so much more.  EMS Agencies, REMSCOs, REMACs, Program Agencies and Course Sponsors over the past year have been implementing innovation throughout New York State achieving positive results and advancing the field of Emergency Medical Services. If you are an agency or know an agency that has solved a problem/gap using innovation, consider self-nomination or nomination of an agency to be one of the EMS Innovation Award recipients.

Innovation Award Categories:

  1. Organizational Change Innovations: Innovations in system designs, agency sustainability, and facilitating organizational change.
  2. Clinical Delivery Innovations: Innovations in clinical practices that are leading to positive patient outcomes and/or positive patient experiences.
  3. Recruitment and Retention Innovations: Innovations in recruitment, onboarding, longevity, staff experience and/or staff satisfaction leading to gaining and retaining staff.
  4. Educational Innovations: Innovations in education delivery models, student experience and/or community involvement.

To submit a nomination, please electronically submit your application to


Here is the link for the Innovation Awards:


Eligibility: Must be a New York State EMS agency, that includes but is not limited to, an ambulance service, ALS-FR, BLS-FR, REMSCO, REMAC, Program Agency and/or Course Sponsor.  All innovation submissions must be in compliance with New York State Public Health Law Article 30 and Title 10 of the New York Code Rules and Regulations.  Any submission that does not meet this criteria will be ineligible.

EMS drop time delay reporting to BEMS

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Greetings Everyone,

The state has put out a reporting link for anyone that encounters longer then usual wait times at hospitals. If you encounter longer then usual wait times please click the link and complete the required information. Please keep it professional, accurate, and honest when reporting.