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2019 GBEMSC Presenter Profiles: Dr. Joe Bart and Dr. Brian Clemency

Dr. Joseph Bart and Dr. Brian Clemency round out the speaker profiles for the 2019 Greater Buffalo EMS Conference.  Both physicians have presented individually at previous Greater Buffalo EMS Conferences but they have never taken the stage together.  Folks, this could get interesting!

The Medical Director Face-Off will wrap up the 2019 Greater Buffalo EMS Conference.  Dr. Bart and Dr. Clemency will co-present on a variety of EMS topics that are of interest and relevant to EMS care delivery.  This spirited presentation will examine where we are today given previous changes and what we might expect in the future.  One thing we know for sure, it will be filled with humor!

The GBEMSC is only 6 days away!  Register today:

2019 Greater Buffalo EMS Conference Flyer

Download the full Presenter Feature for Dr Joe Bart and Dr Brian Clemency