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UBMD EMS Division

Preliminary Data Results: NYS EMS Workforce Survey

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In response to widespread reports of both career and volunteer certified EMS personnel shortages, the NYS EMS Council designed a survey and sought voluntary participation from NYS EMS services statewide.

Please find the preliminary data results below.

The UBMD EMS Division would like to acknowledge and sincerely thank all who participated from the Wyoming-Erie region.  Our two-county region had the strongest participation in the State.

Download SEMSCO EMS Workforce Survey Preliminary Data

UBMD EMS Division Web Enhancements and Twitter

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The UBMD EMS Division recently updated our Website, making many improvements based on user feedback.

One of the most significant enhancements is a focus toward topic-driven information.  There are many organizations with specific responsibilities to our EMS system (i.e. WREMAC, REMSCO, EMS Division, County EMS, NYS EMS, etc.).  It is unrealistic for providers to understand each EMS entity’s responsibilities and, therefore, which organization’s site to visit for information/answers.  The topic-driven format allows users to pick a topic and our site will drive you to the appropriate source(s).  We strongly encourage providers in Erie and Wyoming Counties to use our site as your source site for EMS information.  The UBMD EMS Division’s Web address remains the same:

Another enhancement is the addition of Twitter which will allow for interaction and more timely communication with the EMS community.  If you have a Twitter account, we encourage you to follow us: