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Important WREMAC Notice! 2020 Annual Skills Requirement

Please see the WREMAC advisory below from Dr. Michael O’Brien, WREMAC Chairman.  The 2020 annual WREMAC skills requirement, previously extended until September 30, 2020, has been cancelled.  Please see the notice for full details.

Download WREMAC Advisory Regarding WREMAC Skills


In light of the continuing threat and physical distancing requirements posed by the coronavirus pandemic, the WREMAC is eliminating the annual skills requirement for 2020.

There are a few important caveats to this announcement:

(a) Individual EMS agencies and/or service medical directors may continue to require evaluation of provider skills at their discretion, and

(b) Providers new to an agency should undergo skills verification prior to delivering patient care, and

(c) Annual skills are required under the CME-based recertification program through the Department of Health. This state requirement, as of this writing, has not been suspended.

Despite this cancellation, the WREMAC strongly encourages agencies and service medical directors to find ways to support their providers’ skill maintenance.