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The goal of this program is to provide faster appropriate care to Opioid Overdose patients in our region.  This page is a resource for services with a NYS EMS ID (BLS First Response, ALS First Response, and NYS Ambulance Services).

Bureau of EMS Policy #13-10 and the documents on this page apply only to services with a valid NYS EMS ID.  Services that do not have a NYS EMS ID should contact an Opioid Overdose Prevention Program for qualifications, training, and other relevant resources.  A list of programs and contacts by county may be found here.

EMS services with a NYS EMS ID wishing to establish a Naloxone program in their agency should review the steps and resource documents identified below:

(1) Download the Narcan Resource Packet and review the materials.

(2) Create policies and procedures as described in Policy Statement 13-10 [Sample Policies]

(3) Provide training as described in Policy Statement 13-10, and FAQ #16.  Approved training programs are as follows:

On-Line Video
WREMAC Power Point

(4) Ensure your policy/procedure complies with the QA requirement as described in Policy Statement 13-10 and FAQ #1.  If you use the policy template on this page, your plan will comply.

(5) Submit a Letter of Intent (including medial director signature) to your EMS Program Agency [Sample Letter]

The letter of intent is the only form that must be turned in. Agencies may begin as soon as they confirm their paperwork has been received by the EMS Program Agency.  No WREMAC approval is needed.