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Happy EMS Week!

The UBMD Emergency Medicine EMS Division would like to wish you a Happy EMS Week!  EMS – “Beyond the Call” is this year’s theme and it is really quite appropriate.  Answering calls is what it’s all about but calls are a very small part of the responsibility.  You spend tireless hours training and preparing for every situation that comes your way.  You see things that are disturbing and do your best to move on.  You sacrifice time with your family to help others who are in need.

We recognize and appreciate the difficulty in being an emergency medical services provider.  This week is a time to be honored for your relentless dedication to helping others.  Please know how much people appreciate and respect your service – even though it may not feel that way all the time.

There are a number of EMS Week Celebrations occurring throughout the week.  We hope you have an opportunity to take part in one of the events.

Thanks for all you do and Happy EMS Week colleagues and friends!