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Important! EMS Contacts and Communications

By January 2, 2021No Comments

On behalf of the entire team of EMS physicians and administrative staff at the UBMD Emergency Medicine EMS Division, we would like to wish everyone a happy New Year!

We are sending a quick reminder for all EMS officers and key contacts to review and update their agency information in the UBMD EMS Portal.  As the primary interface for EMS officials and medical directors, it is very important to ensure the Portal represents accurate contact information.  Particularly, as the COVID vaccine is rolled out, there is sensitive information which we have been directed to disseminate ONLY to EMS contacts.  Therefore, we export contact information from the Portal and do not share via this platform.

Also, we ask EMS leaders to encourage ALL of their providers to register with this communication forum.  Doing so will help ensure timely delivery of training and operational information.  Providers self-register on our website’s home page at:

Lastly, the primary email account for the UBMD EMS Division is .  Please do not hesitate to reach out if you need to contact anyone from our office.

Let’s continue to be EMS Strong and work for a better 2021!