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Research Notice from UB: COVID-19 Identification and Treatment

Researchers at the University at Buffalo are looking for healthy, adult volunteers willing to provide blood samples to evaluate two blood tests that could help with the identification and treatment of individuals with COVID-19.

Participants must be willing to prick their own finger and meet the following criteria:
• No prior COVID-19 infection or vaccination
• No recent injury or surgery (including dental surgery)
• No swelling (inflammation)
• No underlying health conditions (e.g. cancer, lung disease, diabetes)
• No bleeding or clotting disorders and does not faint at the sight of blood

Participants will also be tested for COVID using a nasal swab. Participants will be compensated $45 for their time and transportation costs. The study will take approximately 1 hour to complete.

We recognize that many on this distribution list may already be vaccinated or, otherwise, might not meet the criteria listed above.  However, it is likely that many will know individual(s) who do meet the criteria and may be interested in participating in this research.  Please feel free to share this information with anyone who might be interested.

Please direct anyone who may be interested in participating to call the study team at 716-222-0561.  The study team will determine eligibility and set up an appointment for those who qualify.