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Updated Guidance for EMS to Receive COVID-19 Vaccination (1.1.21)

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Policy 20-09: “Guidance for EMS Personnel to Receive COVID-19 Vaccination”.  This has some information listed in 20-08 and has several sections added or updated.

20-09 Guidance for Emergency Medical Services Personnel to Receive COVID-19 Vaccination Updated 01.01.21

Some highlights of policy 20-09:
• New vaccination sites starting week of January 3rd (additional lists to come out as sites become available)
• Additional information on scheduling EMS Providers
• Prioritization and qualification of staff for the vaccine
• Vaccination of EMS Providers under the age of 18
• Vaccination of EMS providers who had a positive test for COVID 19
• Vaccination of EMS providers who receive quarantine orders
• Documentation of proof of EMS affiliation required at vaccination site
• Reporting method if issues at vaccination site
• Post vaccination requirements related to quarantine and/or travel guidance
• Collection of Insurance Information
• EMS Providers as vaccinators

If you any questions please e-mail at any time.

We will be working on regular communication related to vaccination of EMS providers. Please send in questions, comments and/or suggestions and we will work to responses to future guidance documents or on regular Statewide EMS Leadership conference calls.

Happy New Year! Here is to a wonderful 2021!


Ryan P. Greenberg
Bureau of Emergency Medical Services & Trauma Systems

New York State Department of Health
875 Central Avenue, Albany, New York 12206