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URGENT WREMAC Guidance Regarding the NYS COVID-19 EMS Cardiac Arrest Standard of Care

By April 20, 2020No Comments

To: Western New York EMS Providers & Medical Directors

From: Michael O’Brien, MD, FACEP, CCEMT-P Chair, Western Regional Emergency Medical Advisory Committee

Date: April 20, 2020

Re: URGENT – “The COVID-19 Public Health Emergencies EMS Cardiac Arrest Standard of Care”

We anticipate that the New York State guidance document entitled, “The COVID-19 Public Health Emergencies EMS Cardiac Arrest Standard of Care,” will be modified by the state shortly.

Agencies should notify their providers to delay implementation of this guidance until further notice.

This standard was built as a crisis guideline. As of the date of this memo, the EMS Medical Directors on the WREMAC do not feel our region meets a community crisis standard. The WREMAC will issue new guidance on cardiac arrest management in the near future.

Providers should continue managing cardiac arrest in accordance with existing NYS Collaborative Protocols and agency practices.

We have requested that the REMACs be granted the ability to activate this guidance document in the future, should the need arise.

Download URGENT WREMAC Advisory – Cardiac Arrest Protocol Update