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10 digit phone numbers

By October 22, 2021No Comments

Greetings Everyone,

Just a reminder

Changes in dialing for 716 area code

Starting Sunday, October 24, you may have to change how you dial phone numbers.

To complete all calls, even local ones in Western New York you’ll have to dial the appropriate area code, and then the phone number. If your saved cellphone contacts only have 7 digits, they will also have to be changed.

The 716 area code happens to be one of the 85 area codes across the country to be impacted. The deadline for this to occur is officially Sunday, but some carriers are already implementing it. And it’s not just phones. Medical monitoring devices, PBXs, fax machines, and fire or burglar alarm and security systems are among other types of equipment that, if currently programmed to complete calls to a 7-digit local number, will need to be reprogrammed to complete calls to 10-digit numbers instead.