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Approaching Winter Weather

By November 17, 2022No Comments

Good Evening Everyone,

I wanted to take a moment and reach out to everyone and give a bit of information based on what I have been informed of. I am sure everyone is aware of the pending storm system about to move through the region, and it appears to be targeting Erie County and the City of Buffalo. It is difficult at times to exactly predict the outcome of most “lake effect” events, but what seems to be holding true is that it is going to impact us. Reports are indicating that this is putting its greatest impact in and around the City of Buffalo. While it is possible we can see less in other counties such as Niagara and Orleans, I don’t think they will be without their share.

The first thing that I want to mention is that as of 2000hrs tonight, the Erie County Operations Center will be functioning. Your Chiefs should have all the contact information for them, in case they require assistance. Additionally, as of 2100hrs tonight, Erie County will be under a travel ban. With that said, agencies outside of Erie County, please be careful when traveling to Hospitals within the area. I would even recommend calling a head prior to transport if possible to see if there is an alternative. For the agencies in the Erie County area, please be safe and use your resources.

I will attempt to keep everyone up to date as much as I can, but otherwise, slow and safe is going to be the message for the time being.

Thanks Everyone