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Christmas Winter Weather Event

By December 23, 2022No Comments

Greetings Everyone,

First, I wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a Happy Holidays despite much of what we are going to be dealing with. Im fairly confident that we are all familiar with the fact that Elliott has made its arrival this morning. Both Mike and I will be monitoring much of the information that being put out regarding this storm and will do our best to share what we can either through email or Facebook.

We do urge that everyone avoid travel if you do not need to travel. While this event is only beginning, it is expected to get worse starting tonight. Many of the jurisdictions are beginning to implement travel bans, so please check before traveling in your area. Agency Leaders, work with your neighboring fire companies and EMS agencies when responding to calls. Consider prior to transporting calling your local hospital and alerting them to your pending arrival. Drive slow and safe. Ensure that your vehicle remain as full with gas as you can and make sure to keep extra blankets and consider carrying some quick food items just in case.

If you plan to assist your volunteer agencies, you also should consider bringing an extra set of clothing and important medication with you just in case you can not get back home. As we could go on and on, I just wanted to make sure that everyone knew we want you to be safe and secure during this storm.

Thank you all for what you do.