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CME Opportunity: Pediatric Emergency Preparedness Recorded Webinar Series

By December 15, 2020No Comments

The WRHEPC Pediatric Emergency Preparedness recorded webinar series provides a broad overview of potential care needs for the pediatric patient involved in an emergency/disaster situation. The recorded series includes information for medical, trauma and crisis response specific to the most vulnerable population in any emergency event, children.

Training Objectives:

  • Develop improved healthcare outcomes of our pediatric population by increasing quality of care through pediatric focused education for our community healthcare partners
  • Identify sentinel injuries and early recognition of child abuse
  • Apply the knowledge gained in airway management during pediatric respiratory emergencies, initial burn treatment, sepsis and mental health

Target Audience:
This recorded webinar series is targeted to a broad cross section of Hospital, Diagnostic and Treatment Center professionals, First Responders, Public Health and Emergency Managers that may be involved in any emergency situation requiring emergency response, medical care and short or long term clinical support of children

Download Pediatric Emergency Preparedness 2020 Seminar Information