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ImageTrend User Educational Summit (Utica)

By October 10, 2021No Comments

NYS DOH BEMS is hosting a summit in Utica for anyone wishing to attend. Links to the agenda and area hotels are at the bottom of the email.

The Maynard Fire Department and Mid-State Regional Emergency Medical Services Council are pleased to sponsor and host this ImageTrend User Educational Summit from Tuesday, October 26 à 28, 2021 at the Maynard Fire Department.  This program will allow the many EMS agencies using ImageTrend as their ePCR platform to learn more about NEMSIS, the ImageTrend program, how to manage the platform for their EMS agency, utilize the Report Writer program and an introduction to the CQI program to help contribute to improving quality of care.

Users will benefit from the night sessions to practice many direct entry of many different scenarios and help improve data entry efficiency and quality of documentation.  Users can attend one or both of the night sessions to practice and ask questions about the program or the documentation standard.

Registration for both the EMS Agency Leadership NEMSIS and ImageTrend Training and the User Education and Practice Sessions are available at

The Bureau is committed to helping users and agency leadership advance their knowledge and capabilities within the platforms offered by the Department.

Stay safe!


Peter L. Brodie, BS, AEMT

Deputy Chief, Data and Informatics Unit

EMS Data Manager

Bureau of Emergency Medical Services and Trauma Systems