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Kenmore Mercy phone/computer downtime

By March 1, 2023No Comments

Greetings Everyone,

A message from Catholic Health:

This evening starting at 11:00pm Kenmore Mercy will undergo an extensive phone and computer upgrade.  During this time the phone lines, computers, and CT machine will be down.

Below are phone numbers where you crews can reach the ED staff during this downtime.

  • (716) 213 – 7678
  • (716) 574 – 3046
  • (716) 574 – 3729

Could you please distribute these numbers to your crews and advise them that during the downtime patients exhibiting signs and symptoms of a stroke should be diverted to another facility due to CT being unavailable?

EMS Liaison, Scott Then, will be on campus throughout the downtime and can be reached at (716) 868 – 3673 should you have any questions or need any assistance.

Once the upgrade is complete, the phones, computers, and CT are back up and running I will let everyone know.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me, thank you

Emily James (Rowles) MBA, EMT – P, NYS CIC

Cell: (716) 812 – 4275

System Manager of Emergency and Acute Neuro Services, Catholic Health