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NYSDOH Ambulance Inspections

By December 1, 2022No Comments

Greetings Everyone,

Our partners to the south of us at STEMS have provided sound advice when it comes to Ambulance Inspections. If you are scheduled for an inspection please refer to the following information, or give us a call.

NYSDOH Ambulance Inspections Prep

We want to ensure the success of all agencies in the region when it comes to NYSDOH Ambulance Inspections. Each agency should ensure they meet all requirements in Part 800 and the BEMS policies in preparation for their visit from the state.

The following items often are cause for a statement of deficiencies:

• expired medication (BLS and ALS)
• unsecured equipment – BLS Meds that are not locked or have expired
• policies not in place that are required in Part 800.21 (P) 1-15.
• expired disposable medical equipment
• O² cylinders being out of date
• medications not being kept at proper temperatures
• dirt and grime
• unsanitary patient compartment areas and equipment
• lacking infant and child manual B/P cuffs
• ripped or torn splints

BEMS policies and forms

• Part 800
• 10-03 EMS Agency and Vehicle Surveillance and Inspections
• 09-12 Storage and Integrity of Prehospital Medications and Intravenous Fluids
• 09-11 Storage and Safe Guarding of Medications Administered by EMT-Bs
• DOH-2695: Inspection Report for Certified Ambulance Vehicles
• DOH-3780: Inspection Report for Emergency Ambulance Service Vehicles

Resources for your agency

• Ambulance Inspection Guide
• 800.21 General Requirements Checklist

We hope these documents are helpful, and if you have any issues or questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.