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Virtual Instructor Update Opportunity – Finger Lakes Region – Updated Link

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Greetings Everyone,

See below for a virtual instructor update opportunity being offered in the Finger Lakes Region. Please note that there is a $25 fee associated with this course.

The Finger Lakes Regional EMS Council will be hosting virtually a 3 hour NYS Instructor update class on Wednesday, June 1st from 18:00 – 21:00.

Please click the link to register and pay your $25 fee:

1800-1830 – DOH Training Updates

1830-1930 – Introducing the science of learning

  • Encoding, Retrieval, and memory
  • Hebbian learning and the process of creating linkages
  • Working memory and its limitations
  • Procedural learning and enabling long term memory

1930-1945 Break

1945 – 2100

  • Rethinking long-held educational assumptions
  • The importance of desired difficulty and retrieval
  • Integrating retrieval practice into lesson plans
  • The importance of spaced repetition
  • The importance of interleaving
  • Enhancing lessons with repetition and interleaving
  • Feedback driven metacognition