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EMS Documentation Standard Briefings

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On Tuesday, 01 June 2021 at 07:30 and 12:30 the Bureau of Emergency Medical Services and Trauma Systems Data and Informatics Unit will be hosting EMS Documentation Standard Briefings as we evaluate the status of the Documentation Standard implemented on Tuesday, 01 June 2021 for all eTimes.03 values after 00:00. Invitations to participate in the call directly are representatives from all ePCR vendors, Regional Program Agencies and Data and Informatics Development Team Participants. We are respectfully extending the invitation to EMS Agency Leaders, QI Program Coordinators and EMS Providers interested in attending.

Questions, challenges or concerns for this documentation standard to be addressed at this briefing may be submitted in advance to:

Additional briefings will be scheduled throughout the week to report upon current issues, record any new concerns, update on strategy and report on outstanding issues. The registration link for all of the briefings will be on the same link below.

Please remember to register for the meeting:

Event number: 161 306 2623

Event password: EMSePCR21


Program: EMS Documentation Standard Status Briefing

Program address:

Program registration password: no password required


Thank you for all that you do!

Peter L. Brodie, BS, AEMT

Deputy Chief, Data and Informatics Unit

EMS Data Manager

Bureau of Emergency Medical Services and Trauma Systems

EMS Protocol App for NYS EMS Providers

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Happy EMS Week!

The Bureau of EMS & Trauma System along with the EMS for Children Program are excited to announce during EMS Week 2021 we have partnered with the MURU team to release a statewide EMS protocol app for all of New York State EMS Providers.

The Bureau has entered an agreement with MURU App to provide all EMS providers with the most up to date protocols FOR FREE via the basic portion of the MURU app. In addition to protocols, the app will help providers navigate to newly released policy statements, hospital updates and other communications from the state and regions that help EMS providers best provide care to each of their patients on a daily basis. We believe this will truly change the way NYS EMS providers are able to operate in the field.

The App includes:

Statewide BLS Protocols
Regional ALS Protocols
DOH Policy Statements
Hospital Information
And more…
The app customizes itself to each provider based on their certification, region(s), and agency
The app will instantly notify providers when there are new protocols or other updates
The app is Statewide Partnership Portion is FREE to all providers in New York State
There are additional advanced features for purchase if a provider chooses

Three Steps to the NY Statewide EMS Protocol App:

Download the app from iOS App Store or Google Play for Android Devices
Go to and select sign up to create a free account.
It will ask you for a zip code as well as several other questions so the app will customize itself to you.
Any zip code in New York State will automatically provide you access to the statewide partnership plan that is free to all providers.
The zip code you enter needs to be any zip code in the county of the agency you work in. Once you enter the zip code it will bring up a list of all the agencies in the county and allow you to select your specific agency.

If you have any questions, MURU provides a full help section on the app and website, including a live chat with their support staff. You can also reach out to them at with any questions you have.

The Bureau of EMS and NYS EMS for Children program want to say THANK YOU for everything you do and are excited to bring you a statewide protocol app that covers ALL of New York State and look forward to hearing all your feedback.

Happy EMS Week and we hope this new EMS tool is one that helps you in the field!

Ryan Greenberg

Virtual Vital Signs Educator Day: June 11

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As we have discussed recently, we have planned a Virtual Vital Signs Educator Day for June 11, 2021. Since the in person Vital Signs will be a little different this year, as we are not going to be able to hold as many sessions as in the past, we have decided to have 2 virtual conferences. The first one is the Educator Day on June 11 and I am happy to say that we have some of the best educators with us for June 11.

The second virtual conference will be on June 18 and I will be opening registration for that conference in the next week or so.

There is a small fee of $49 to attend and your colleagues are able to register for the June 11 event now.

To register, please visit our website at:

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Valerie Ozga

EMS Conference Coordinator

NYS EMS Conference Vital Signs

(518-402-1123 – W)

(518-265-6092 – C)


Virtual Vital Signs Educator Day – June 11, 2021

Virtual Vital Signs Leadership Day – June 18, 2021

Vital Signs 2021 – Saratoga Springs, NY

November 11-14, 2021

WREMAC Credentialing Reports Due

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As a reminder, the 2021 WREMAC annual skills must be complete AND submitted via the UBMD EMS Portal no later than June 30, 2021.

Providers will need to log in an ensure all certifications/credentials are correct.

EMS officers will need to review the list for accuracy and ensure all applicable skills which have been completed are entered in the portal.

Reports are submitted by the agency no later than June 30.  Those who are identified in the EMS Portal as an agency contact will find the “Submit Report to EMS Division” button at the bottom of the membership summary report page.

If you have any questions, contact the UBMD EMS Division at:


2021 EMS Week Award Nominations

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Submission for EMS Week Award Nominations are NOW OPEN!

Download 2021 EMS Week Award Nomination Guidelines and Information

Thank You! That is what the New York State Bureau of Emergency Medical Services would like to say to all our EMS Providers during EMS Week 2021.

EMS Week is just a few weeks away and we would like your help again this year recognizing those EMS providers who have gone above and beyond.

Last year we had almost 100 EMS Week awards issued after review of all the nominations that were received.

The Bureau, for the second year, is offering EMS organizations the opportunity to directly nominate a team or provider to be recognized during EMS Week for their contributions to Emergency Medical Services.

Below is a submission form to make a nomination.